Displaying Errors

After validation you can use the same results object and use it to display the validation errors in your client side:


// store the validation results in the request collection
prc.validationResults = validate( obj );


<-- Display all errors as a message box --->
#getInstance( "MessageBox@cbMessagebox" )
.renderMessage( type="error", messageArray=prc.validationResults.getAllErrors() )#

If you want more control you can use the hasErrors() and iterate over the errors to display:

<cfif prc.validationResults.hasErrors()>
<cfloop array="#prc.validationResults.getErrors()#" index="thisError">

You can even use the results object in your views to get specific field errors, messagesbox, etc.

Common Methods

The following are some common methods from the validation result object for dealing with errors:

  • getResultMetadata()

  • getFieldErrors( [field] )

  • getAllErrors( [field] )

  • getAllErrorsAsJSON( [field] )

  • getAllErrorsAsStruct( [field] )

  • getErrorCount( [field] )

  • hasErrors( [field] )

  • getErrors()

The API Docs in the module (once installed) will give you the latest information about these methods and arguments.