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You can configure the module by creating a cbvalidation key in the config/Coldbox.cfc moduleSettings structure
moduleSettings = {
cbValidation = {
// The third-party validation manager to use, by default it uses CBValidation.
manager = "class path",
// You can store global constraint rules here with unique names
sharedConstraints = {
name = {
field = { constraints here }


The manager key by default points to cbValidation.models.ValidationManager. If you would like to override or decorate our manager, then you can set the classpath of the manager to use. This manager must adhere to our interface: cbvalidation.interfaces.IValidationManager
This structure will hold all of your shared constraints for forms or/and objects that you can easily reference by name. It's like declaring the constraints inline but storing them globally.
Important: The module will register several objects into WireBox using the @cbvalidation namespace. The validation manager is registered as ValidationManager@cbvalidation