Domain Object

Within any domain object you can define a public variable called this.constraints that is a assigned an implicit structure of validation rules for any fields or properties in your object.


component persistent="true"{

    // Object properties
    property name="id" fieldtype="id" generator="native" setter="false";
    property name="fname";
    property name="lname";
    property name="email";
    property name="username";
    property name="password";
    property name="age";

    // Validation
    this.constraints = {
        // Constraints go here

We can then create the validation rules for the properties it will apply to it:

component persistent="true"{


    // Validation
    this.constraints = {
        fname = { required = true },
        lname = { required = true},
        username = {required=true, size="6..10"},
        password = {required=true, size="6..8"},
        email = {required=true, type="email"},
        age = {required=true, type="numeric", min=18}

That easy! You can just declare these validation rules and ColdBox will validate your properties according to the rules. In this case you can see that a password must be between 6 and 10 characters long, and it cannot be blank.

By default all properties are of type string and not required


You can then use them implicitly when calling our validation methods:

validate( myUser );
validateOrFail( myUser );

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