Configuration File

Shared Constraints

You can optionally register constraints in your ColdBox configuration file under the validation directive. This means you register them with a unique name of your choice and its value is a collection of constraints for fields in your objects or forms. These will be called lovingly Shared Constraints.

Here is an example:


validation = {
sharedConstraints = {
sharedUser = {
fName = {required=true},
lname = {required=true},
age = {required=true, max=18 }
metadata = {required=false, type="json"}
loginForm = {
username = {required=true}, password = {required=true}
changePasswordForm = {
password = {required=true,min=6}, password2 = {required=true, sameAs="password", min=6}

As you can see, our constraints definition describes the set of rules for a property on ANY target object or form by unique key name.


You can then use the keys for those constraints in the validation calls:

validate( target, "sharedUser" );
validate( rc, "loginForm" );
validate( rc, "changePasswordForm" );