Unique ORM Validator


The unique validator is part of the cborm module. So make sure that the cborm module is installed first.

box install cborm

Declaring the Constraint

The validator is mapped into WireBox as UniqueValidator@cborm so you can use in your constraints like so:

    fieldName : { validator: "UniqueValidator@cborm" },
    // or
    fieldName : { "UniqueValidator@cborm" : {}  }

Case Sensitivity

If you will be using this validator, then the name of the property has to be EXACTLY the same case as the constraint name. To do this, use single or double quotes to declare the constraint name. Please see example below.

this.constraints = {
  "username" = { required=true, validator: "UniqueValidator@cborm" },
  "email" = { required=true, validator: "UniqueValidator@cborm" }

This is done because we build the appropriate SQL to make sure the property name and the field name match.

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