i18n Integration


If you are using i18n (Internationalization and Localization) in your ColdBox applications you can also localize your validation error messages from the ColdBox validators.

Info You do not need to install the cbi18n module. This module is already a dependency of the cbvalidation module.

You will do this by our lovely conventions for you resource bundle keys:

Domain Objects:


Forms with Shared Constraints Name


Forms with No Shared Constraints (A-la-carte constraints)



When your resource bundle keys are ready, you then specify the locale argument in your validation calls to put them into play:

validate( target=target, constraint="sharedUser", locale=getFwLocale());

Key Replacements

We also setup lots of global {Key} replacements for your messages and also several that the core constraint validators offer as well:

Global Replacements

  • {rejectedValue} - The rejected value

  • {field} or property - The property or field that was validated

  • {validationType} - The name of the constraint validator

  • {validationData} - The value of the constraint definition, e.g size=5..10, then this value is 5..10

  • {targetName} - The name of the user, shared constraint or form

i18n Validator Replacements

  • {DiscreteValidator} - operation, operationValue

  • {InListValidator} - inList

  • {MaxValidator} - max

  • {MinValidator} - min

  • {RangeValidator} - range, min, max

  • {RegexValidator} - regex

  • {SameAsValidator}, {SameAsNoCaseValidator} - SameAs

  • {SizeValidator} - size, min, max

  • {TypeValidator} - type


blank=The field {property} must contain a value.
email=The field {property} is not a valid email address.
unique=The field {property} is not a unique value.
size=The field {property} was not in the size range of {size}.
inlist=The field {property} was not in the list of possible values.
validator=There was a problem with {property}.
min=The minimum value {min} was not met for the field {property}.
max=The maximum value {max} was exceeded for the field {property}.
range=The range was not met for the field {property}.
matches=The field {property} does not match {regex}.
numeric=The field {property} is not a valid number.

Please note that since version 3.x of cbvalidation you can use json resource bundles thanks to cbi18n v2.x

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